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  • What are the best Online Marketing Systems for MLM

    online marketing systemsSo you’ve joined a brand new MLM or Network Marketing Company and you have the wisdom enough to know that in order to promote this business and have any chance of success, you need an Online Marketing System.  That’s great because you’d be surprised at how many people join the Network Marketing industry and truly believe that they’re going to reach that magic income plateau just by telling a few friends who tell a few friends..and so on and so on.

    The good news is that in terms of online marketing systems there are plenty to chose from.  The bad news is that there are plenty to choose from :-)

    Most MLM companies that are launching now-a-days or have been around for awhile with some success, have developed or implemented some sort of online marketing systems for their company’s product or service.  Some of the more progressive companies even have very detailed and comprehensive online marketing systems based on current internet technologies with true customization and even a mobile aspect.  But those are few and far between.

    What Should good Online Marketing systems Do?

    To sum it up in 7 easy bullet points..The System Should:

    1) Make the presentation (fully customizable)

    2) Sort who’s interested

    3) Enroll prospects for you

    4) Send follow-up e-mails for you (more on this below)

    5) Send you notifications

    6) Provide you with training

    7) Show you how to generate traffic

    8) Create a secondary income for you (more on this below)

    Now if your system does these things for you, then I’d say you have a pretty good system.

    Which Online Marketing Systems Should you Use?

    These three online marketing systems are the best I’ve seen out there…(and I’ve seen a lot).  They are Empower Network, MLSP, and IMGlobal. Now just so you know, I am a member of Empower Network and IMGlobal. (No..I’m not an over achiever, I’ll explain why I have 2 systems shortly)

    Empower Network is a great all done for you and education type service.  At $25/month + 19.95 affiliate fee you can have a done for you blog, sales pages that convert, and training.  You do have to get your own auto-responder system (which I always recommend).  Now with EN, the upside is that you have a team training site that gives you a wealth of knowledge.  And the initial price point is very attractive for new prospects.  However, you will have to create your own sales pages from scratch for your primary business.  Also they have various upgrades which the systems sells you on that give u literally 10’s of thousands of dollars worth of knowledge at a fraction of the price.  Which is good because that means more commissions for you. The downside is that you can get so caught up in promoting their business, that you lose focus on the primary business you were involved in.  (unless of course that business is EN, then you’re GOLDEN! :-))

    Next on the list is MLSP (My Lead System Pro), which is one of the online marketing systems that I started off with.  They’re price is $49/month.  Again, doesn’t include an autoresponder system but gives you a great deal of knowledge. The problem with them is that again, not enough focus on your own primary business, and their system overall is very confusing.

    The last on on the list is IMGlobal.  They are more or less the new kid on the block with good reason.  They’ve literally taken every method of marketing available for a successful online business and put it under one roof.  So no matter what business you’re in, this system will give you all the tools you will ever need to promote it effectively.  It includes an autoresponder, customizable pages, ad networks, mobile advertising…the works.  The price point is only $47/month for literally 6k/month worth of services.  They offer a revenue share of 100% of the profits made by the company as well as monthly commissions based on your own referrals.

    The reason I have 2 systems is because I am a part of the Empower Network and I recently joined IMGlobal.  I’ve gained so much marketing knowledge with Empower and I have a good pipeline with them, you can’t walk away from money.  But I found the IMGlobal system to be so phenomenal that I decided to use it instead to build my Primary Business.

    Couple of Things About Online Marketing Systems

    No matter what Online Marketing Systems you use, I always say you should make sure you have you’re own auto-responder or follow-up email system set up.  The reason is because if for whatever reason, you decided you want or need to change marketing systems and you’ve built a substantial list of prospects, the last thing you want to do is have to deal with trying to transfer these names into another another system.

    You can use any of the big names out there such as Aweber, Get Response, GVO.  I personally have 2.  The online marketing systems I use has a built in auto-responder system, but I use my GVO follow-up system instead for a couple reasons.

    For starters it’s honestly the best bang for your buck.  It’s literally half the cost of the bigger names, but gives you everything they do and more.  Also the commissions paid from referring the system is so much more profitable. Hmmm..half the price, better quality, and pays better commissions.  Pretty much a no-brainer.

    No matter how great your system is you should be able to generate a secondary income from your online marketing systems for several reasons. Because nobody knows if your MLM company is going to be here tomorrow. Also, you get to profit on your downline if they decide to move on to another company, you still get paid on them if they leave.

    Secondly, if you’re really planning on treating your MLM as a business, then you’ll needed advertising money. That marketing income stream can fund all of your marketing efforts and as a result getting you profitable right away.  And lastly, if you have a system in place that’s really working for you, then it’s so much easier to offer your prospects something of value to help them become profitable and successful very quickly.

    I hope this information about the online marketing systems was helpful.  If so, feel free to leave me a comment or just Share :-)


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